6. Links
The following links are a small selection of my favourites. The links will open in new windows.
The late Christopher Monk was amongst the first to make reconstructions of the cornett, supplying instruments to David Munrow. The firm, which also makes serpents, is now directed by Jeremy West.
Information and links on the crumhorn, compiled by Nicholas Lander..
A duo specialising in "authentic" Elizabethan music, right down to speech and dress.
One of the leading recorder makers in the world (and my personal favourite), though sadly they recently ceased manufacture. However, they still have a fascinating website with a wealth of information.
One of the biggest International Festivals of Early Music. An annual event attracting around one hundred makers and suppliers with concerts, competitions and demonstrations. Currently held in mid November in the Old Royal Naval College at Greenwich.
The largest supplier of early music instruments in the world. Based in Bradford, UK.
Music software - the "word processor for music". I have been using this software for years and still enthuse over it for its ease of use and quality of printed output.
Information and links, compiled by Nicholas Lander, to do with recorders and their music. The site above is Australian, though mirror sites are available in USA and Germany (in German!).
Formerly based in Bradford but now relocated to Toledo, Spain, the Renaissance Workshop make a wide variety of excellent early music instruments. These may be purchased as kits or finished instruments.
The website of the renaissance consort in which I play. The group is also known locally as "Her Majesties Pleasure".
The Official Website of the International Guild of Town Pipers.
Some of the local churches where many of the instruments shown on this site have been played.