© 2006 Mark Venn

Mark came to early music late in life and now not only plays the range of renaissance woodwind, but also makes some of them. He has a strong interest in folk music, playing double bass and accordion (though not simultaneously). After thirty years in IT management, he has changed career and to teach A level mathematics at a further education College. Now he is fully retired, but just as busy.

For many years he was the Director of the Cotswold Early Music Festival.

Simon studied English at university, and recently retired from teaching the subject at a school in Gloucester. He is an organist and an enthusiast for early woodwind instruments such as crumhorns, curtals, shawms, sordunes and racketts. In addition to these, he plays medieval harp and psaltery.


Fenella started on the recorder at primary school, graduating to the flute an oboe later on. Playing as an active member of a recorder consort in later life developed her taste for early music, which extended her instrument repertoire to a wide range of renaissance woodwind. Other interests include folk music and morris dancing. She recently retired from working as an aeronautical engineer.