1.1 Crumhorns
The crumhorn is amongst the earliest of windcap instruments, appearing in the 15th century. It has a parallel bore and a double reed contained within a windcap. The bottom of the instrument body is bent into a semi-circle and has a slight flare to the bore. The tone of the crumhorn is "buzzy" and rather strident. It has a compass of just over an octave, though upward extension keys can be fitted to provide two or three additional notes.
A pair of crumhorns finished in dark stain and varnish
Crumhorns are generally built to individual order, and can be provided in soprano, alto, tenor and bass sizes, with or without extension keys. Instruments are built in sycamore and fitted with synthetic reeds (from the Early Music Shop, Bradford, UK) for ease of maintenance and trouble-free playing.
A consort (soprano, alto, tenor and bass) built for a player in Australia.
All instruments are individually priced ; please mail me for a quotation.
Susanna demonstrating a tenor crumhorn built with corner blow. Useful for those with shorter arms!