1.7 Prices and ordering
Instruments are normally built to individual order, though a small stock is sometimes available. Pricing varies depending on the type of instrument, timber used, numbers of extension keys and style of finish. Since instruments are handbuilt, particular requirements (side blow for sizes smaller than bass, thumbrest fitting etc) can usually be accommodated easily. 
Crumhorns and cornamusen can be provided in soprano, alto, tenor and bass sizes, with or without extension keys. Instruments are normally fitted with synthetic reeds (from the Early Music Shop, Bradford, UK) for ease of maintenance and trouble-free playing. Crumhorns are built in sycamore and finished in stain and varnish. Cornamusen are available in sycamore (stain and varnish) or other hardwoods with an oil finish (contact me for availability of timbers). Starting prices for a basic instrument are given in the table below.
Instrument size
(other timbers)
Extension keys can be supplied for an additional £35 for one, £65 for two (one only on soprano instruments).
Please email me for pricing of other instruments.
Recorder stands may be built to order, though a small stock is normally available. Typical prices are £25 - £35 for sopranino to alto, £28 - £40 for sopranino to tenor, £35 - £55 for sopranino to bass. Similar stands can be made to order for other woodwind instruments (e.g. schawms, oboes, flutes etc).
Please email me for a specific quotation.
Prices correct at January 2021, but may change without notice. Payment is in UK pounds, net of any currency conversion charges No VAT is payable.