4. Music Software
Mark W Venn is a distributor for the Mozart™ music processor, especially to the early music community.
  • Mozart is quick to use and understands musical syntax.
  • Type in music through your computer's keyboard or from a MIDI device.
  • Play it back through the computer's sound card.
  • Mozart automatically adds bar lines, aligns parts and justifies staves.
  • Transpose pieces into any key with a single command.
  • Copy and paste commands make entering repeated bars simple.
  • Create scores of up to 64 parts including multiple harmonies per part and multiple parts per stave, as for complex piano pieces.
  • Add ornaments, text, ties, accents, repeats, phrase marks, dynamics etc.
  • Full music editing capabilities and control over page formatting.
  • Save your Mozart piece and print it with Mozart's professional quality music font.
  • Separate individual musician's parts from the score.
Demonstration copies available.
Many more details, including samples of screens etc, can be found on the Mozart web site.
Mozart is available through this Web site. Special offers are available at certain early music exhibitions etc. Please email me for ordering details or for information on forthcoming exhibitions.